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Issue 4/2011     31. Dec. 2011
31. Dec. 2011
Pages: 285 - 409

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Page 290-295
In vitro evaluation of fluoride release of orthodontic bonding adhesives
Pithon, Matheus Melo / Santos, Rogerio Lacerda dos / Ruellas, Antônio Carlos de Oliveira / Nojima, Lincoln Issamu / Sant'anna, Eduardo Franzotti
Page 296-317
Agenesis of maxillary lateral incisors: A global overview of the clinical problem
Kavadia, Smaragda / Papadiochou, Sofia / Papadiochos, Ioannis / Zafiriadis, Lazaros
Page 318-329
Evaluation of the power arm in bringing about bodily movement using finite element analysis
Ansari, Tariq Ajaz / Mascarenhas, Rohan / Husain, Akhter / Salim, Mohammed
Page 330-339
Does the design of self-ligating brackets show different behavior in terms of friction?
Tecco, Simona / Marzo, Giuseppe / Di Bisceglie, Beatrice / Crincoli, Vito / Tetè, Stefano / Festa, Felice
Page 340-353
Speech defect and orthodontics: A contemporary review
Doshi, Umal Hiralal / Bhad-Patil, Wasundhara A.
Page 354-365
Comparison of two imaging programs in predicting the soft tissue changes with mandibular advancement surgery
Ravindranath, Sneha / Krishnaswamy, Nathamuni Rengarajan / Sundaram, Venkateswaran
Page 366-377
Anterior dental alignment and smile: Perception and sensations in a sample of 8- to 10-year-old children and their parents
Lombardo, Luca / Berveglieri, Chiara / Guarneri, Maria Paola / Siciliani, Giuseppe
Page 378-385
Double impact: Intrusion of two mandibular molars using an SAS-A case report
Dholakia, Kartik D. / Bhat, Shweta R.
Page 386-395
A segmented appliance for space closure followed by Invisalign and fixed appliances
Uribe, Flavio / Cutrera, Alice / Nanda, Ravinda
Page 396-399
Mini-implant-supported sliding jig
Pattabiraman, Vinod / Kumari, Shashikala / Sood, Raghav
Page 400-403
Crimpable double tubes for segmental retraction
Martins, Renato Parsekian / Gandini, Luiz Gonzaga Jr / Martins, Isabela Parsekian / Martins, Lídia Parsekian
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Page 409
Vignettes: A crooked path to straightening teeth
Baumgaertel, Sebastian
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Online Article, Page 284
Online Article: Editorial: Letter to subscribers
Romano, Rafi
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