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Issue 3/2010     15. Sep. 2010
15. Sep. 2010
Pages: 209 - 297

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Page 211-220
The Ideal Smile And Its Orthodontic Implications
Durgekar, Sujala Ganapati / K, Nagaraj / Naik, Vijay
Page 221-229
Redefining Orthodontic Space Closure: Sequential Repetitive Loading of the Periodontal Ligament-A Clinical Study
Kalha, Anmol S / Kachiwala, Viral Ashok / Govardhan, Singatagere Nagaraj / McLaughlin, Richard P. / Khurshaid, Syed Zameer
Page 230-235
Effectiveness Of Twin Blocks And Extraoral Maxillary Splint (Thurow) Appliances For The Correction Of Class Ii Relationships
Fernandes, Álvaro Francisco Carrielo / Brunharo, Ione Helena Portela / Quintão, Cátia Cardoso Abdo / Costa, Myrela Galvão Cardoso / Oliveira-Costa, Mickelson Rio Lima de
Page 250-255
Evaluation Of Frictional Forces Of Polycarbonate Self-Ligating Brackets
Fernandes, Daniel J. / Miguel, José Augusto M. / Quintão, Catia C. A. / Elias, Carlos N.
Page 256-261
Periodontal Status And Orthodontic Treatment Need Of Autistic Children
Luppanapornlarp, Suwannee / Leelataweewud, Pattarawadee / Putongkam, Pongstorn / Ketanont, Sutasinee
Page 262-268
Prediction Of Soft Tissue Profile Changes Following Orthodontic Retraction Of Incisors In Iranian Girls
Sodagar, Ahmad / Borujeni, Darab Gholami / Amini, Gholamhosein
Page 269-272
Future Provision Of Orthodontic Care For Patients With Craniofacial Anomalies And Cleft Lip And Palate
Noble, James / Karaiskos, Nicholas / Wiltshire, William A.
Page 273-277
Infrared Laser Therapy After Surgically Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion To Diminish Pain And Accelerate Bone Healing
Abreu, Marcelo Emir Requia / Viegas, Vinícius Nery / Pagnoncelli, Rogério Miranda / Lima, Eduardo Martinelli Santayama de / Farret, Alessandro Marchiori / Kulczynski, Fernando Zugno / Farret, Marcel Marchiori
Page 278-283
Treatment Of An Adolescent With Total Ankyloglossia
Hamamci, Nihal / Özer, Törün / Hamamci, Orhan / Tümen, Emin Caner / Agackiran, Engin
Page 284-291
Interdisciplinary Treatment Of A Patient With Amelogenesis Imperfecta, A Skeletal Class III Relationship, And An Anterior Open Bite
Marsan, Gülnaz / Aksu, Irem Sakarya / Kurt, Hanefi / Kuvat, Samet Vasfi / Cura, Nil
Page 291-297
Combined Periodontal And Orthodontic Treatment In A Patient With Aggressive Periodontitis: A 9-Year Follow-Up Report
Closs, Luciane Quadrado / Gomes, Sabrina Carvalho / Oppermann, Rui Vicente / Bertoglio, Vivian