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Issue 1/2010     15. Mar. 2010
15. Mar. 2010
Pages: 5 - 85

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Page 6-10
Shear Bond Strength Comparison Of A Conventional And A Self-Etching Fluoride-Releasing Adhesive Following Thermocycling
Sökücü, Oral / Siso, Seyda Hergüner / Bektas, Özden Özel / Babacan, Hasan
Page 11-15
Effect Of Enamel Pretreatment On Shear Bond Strength Of Brackets Bonded With Resin-Modified Glass-Ionomer Cement
Chicri, Ricardo Oliveira / Sasaki, Robson Tetsuo / Carvalho, Adriana S. / Nouer, Paulo Roberto Aranha / Lima-Arsati, Ynara B. O.
Digital Offprint Page 16-22
Efficiency And Effectiveness Of Suresmile
Saxe, Alana K. / Louie, Lenore J. / Mah, James
Page 23-26
The Effect Of Mandibular Tongue Cribs On Dentoskeletal Changes In Patients With Class II Division 1 Malocclusions
Meibodi, Shahin Emami / Meybodi, Seyed Amir Reza Fatahi / Meybodi, Elham Morshedi
Page 27-36
Divine Proportions In Attractive And Nonattractive Faces
Pancherz, Hans / Knapp, Verena / Erbe, Christina / Heiss, Anja Melina
Page 43-48
The Relationship Between The ICON Index And The Dental And Aesthetic Components Of The IOTN Index
Borzabadi-Farahani, Ali / Borzabadi-Farahani, Anahid / Eslamipour, Faezeh
Page 49-54
Height And Width Of Orthodontically Treated Palates In Class II Division 1 Patients: A Longitudinal Study
Derech, Carla D'Agostini / Locks, Arno / Bolognese, Ana Maria
Page 55-60
Dentoalveolar Changes After Unilateral Extractions Of Mandibular First Molars And Their Influence On Third Molar Development And Position
Normando, Antonio David Corrêa / Maia, Francisco Ajalmar / Ursi, Weber José da Silva / Simone, José Leonardo
Page 61-66
Factors Associated With Orthodontic Stability: A Retrospective Study Of 209 Patients
Maia, Nair Galvão / Normando, Antonio David Corrêa / Maia, Francisco Ajalmar / Ferreira, Maria Angêla Fernandes / Alves, Maria Socorro Costa Feitosa
Page 67-70
Evaluation Of The Bolton Ratios On 3D Dental Casts Of Brazilians With Natural, Normal Occlusions
Jóias, Renata Pilli / Velasco, Leandro Gonçalves / Scanavini, Marco Antonio / Ribeiro de Miranda, André Luis / Siqueira, Danilo Furquim
Page 71-74
Crown Angulation And Inclination Of Northern Thais With Good Occlusion
Jotikasthira, Dhirawat / Sheffield, Peter / Kalha, Anmol / Syed, Zameer
Page 75-84
Rapid Palatal Expander: An Anchor Unit For Second Molar Distalization In Angle Class II Treatment
Kolokitha, Olga-Elpis / Papadopoulou, Alexandra K.
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Online Article, Page 86
Online Article: Maxillary And Mandibular Base Size In Ancient Skulls And Of Modern Humans From Opi, Abruzzi, Italy: A Cross-Sectional Study
Festa, Felice / Capasso, Luigi / D'Anastasio, Ruggero / Anastasi, Guiseppe / Festa, Mario / Caputi, Sergio / Tecco, Simona