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Issue 4/2008     15. Oct. 2008
15. Oct. 2008
Pages: 301 - 413

Page 301
Editorial: Extraction at Any Cost?
Basdra, Efthimia K.
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Page 303-318
Tooth Transposition: A Review And Clinical Considerations For Treatment
Sabri, Roy / Zaher, Abbas / Kassem, Hassan
Page 319-328
Class II division 1 malocclusion with severe overbite: cephalometric evaluation of the effects of orthodontic treatment
Marques, Leandro Silva / Ramos-Jorge, Maria Letícia / Araujo, Mônica Tirre de Souza / Bolognese, Ana Maria
Page 329-336
Relationship between head posture and dentofacial morphology in patients with TMJ osteoarthritis/osteoarthrosis
Ioi, Hideki / Matsumoto, Ryusuke / Nishioka, Masato / Goto, Tazuko K. / Nakata, Shunsuke / Nakasima, Akihiko / Counts, Amy L.
Page 337-348
Upper lip changes correlated With maxillary incisor movement in 65 orthodontically treated adult patients
Mirabella, Davide / Bacconi, Stefano / Gracco, Antonio / Lombardo, Luca / Siciliani, Giuseppe
Page 355-365
A new clinical approach for the treatment of anterior crossbites
Tzatzakis, Vasileios / Gidarakou, Ioanna K.
Page 366-370
An alternative for postorthodontic labial retention in an unusual case
Topouzelis, Nikolaos / Gkantidis, Nikolaos
Page 371-382
Clinical application of a stereo-lithographic surgical guide for simple positioning of orthodontic mini-implants
Kim, Seong-Hun / Kang, Ju-Man / Choi, Bohm / Nelson, Gerald
Page 413
In Memoriam: Per Rygh 1930-2008
Linder-Aronson, Sten
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Online Article, Page 300
Online Article: Effects of frequent oral hygiene instructions on microbial levels and salivary buffer capacity in orthodontic patients and their parent
Katz-Sagi, Hadas / Redlich, Meir / Shapira, Joseph / Peretz, Benjamin / Steinberg, Doron
Online Article, Page 300
Online Article: Tooth agenesis in a family and homozygous PAX9 mutation in exon 3 - A case report
Kula, Katherine / Trimmell, Justin / Lu, Yongbo / Briscoe, Patrick / Feng, Jian Q.