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Issue 4/2007     15. Oct. 2007
15. Oct. 2007
Pages: 333 - 421

Page 333
Editorial: Stepping Into a Visionary's Shoes
Basdra, Efthimia K.
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Page 335-343
Etiology And Management Of Posttraumatic Malocclusions
Haralabakis, Nick B. / Sifakakis, Iosif B. / Papadakis, George
Page 357-366
Face Mask Therapy and Conventional Orthodontic Treatment for AnteriorCrossbite with Cleft Lip and Palate: A Case Report
Komatsu, Marie / Komori, Akira / Koike, Norie / Nakahara, Rizako
Page 367-375
Mandibular Corpus Ostectomy For The Correction Of Mandibular Prognathism: A Case Report
Türk, Tamer / Elekdag-Türk, Selma / Güneren, Ethem
Page 385-396
Orthodontic Compensation In Skeletal Class III Malocclusion: A Case Report
Figueiredo, Márcio Antonio de / Siqueira, Danilo Furquim / Bommarito, Silvana / Scanavini, Marco Antonio
Page 397-404
A Vertical Cephalometric Analysis
Sanz, Juan J. Alió / Conde, Carmen Iglesias
Page 405-410
Genetics or Environment? A Twin-Method Study of Malocclusions
Kawala, Beata / Antoszewska, Joanna / Necka, Agnieszka
Page 412-419
Ask An Expert: Things You Want To Know
Zachrisson, Björn U.
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Page 420-421
VIP Interview: Abbas Zaher
Bishara, Samir E.
Online Article, Page 411
Online Article: Medium Opening Activator: Design Applications for the Management of Class II Deep Overbite Malocclusion
Naini, Farhad B. / Gill, Daljit S. / Payne, Ed / Keel, Bill
Online Article, Page 411
Online Article: Personalized Orthodontic Bracket Height In Relation To Marginal Ridges
Manni, Antonio / Cirulli, Nunzio / Grassi, Roberto