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Issue 3/2007     15. July 2007
15. July 2007
Pages: 219 - 314

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Page 221-231
Mandibular widening by intraoral distraction osteogenesis for severe telescopic bite correction: A report of 2 cases
Azumi, Yuko / Sugawara, Junji / Nagasaka, Hiroshi / Kawamura, Hiroshi
Page 232-240
Severe transposition, ectopic eruption, AND orthodontic alignment: A long-term appraisal
Hagg, Urban / Wong, Ricky W. K. / Tng, Tony T. H.
Page 241-248
Conservative Treatment of Isolated Condylar Fractures in Growing Patients
Chatzistavrou, Evangelia K. / Basdra, Efthimia K.
Page 249-260
Early tooth extraction in the treatment of anterior open bite in hyperdivergent patients
Figueiredo, Marcio Antonio de / Siqueira, Danilo Furquim / Bommarito, Silvana / Sannomiya, Eduardo Kazuo / White, Larry W.
Page 277-284
Rapid maxillary expansion with THE Hyrax appliance: an occlusal radiographic evaluation study
Mundstock, Karina Santos / Barreto, Gustavo / Meloti, Aparecida Fernanda / Araújo, Milena Andrade / Santos-Pinto, Ary dos / Raveli, Dirceu Barnabe
Page 300-306
Part-time versus Full-time Retainer Wear Following Fixed Appliance Therapy: A Randomized Prospective Controlled Trial
Gill, Daljit S. / Naini, Farhad B. / Jones, Allan / Tredwin, Christopher J.
Page 308-314
Ask An Expert: Things You Want To Know
Zachrisson, Björn U.
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