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Orthodontics 14 (2013), No. 1     15. June 2013
Orthodontics 14 (2013), No. 1  (15.06.2013)

Online Article, Page 156-167

Online Article: The use of miniscrew as orthodontic anchorage in correction of maxillary protrusion with occlusal cant, spaced arch, and midline deviation without surgery
Komori, Ryo / Deguchi, Toru / Tomizuka, Ryo / Takano-Yamamoto, Teruko
This report describes the use of the miniscrew as orthodontic anchorage in maxillary protrusion with a spaced arch and midline deviation in a 16-year- old female patient. In cases with midline deviation, a cant in the maxillary occlusal plane is often observed. Thus, the authors used the miniscrew to control the vertical dimension, thereby flattening the maxillary occlusal plane, and to close and retract the incisors to improve her convex profile. Effective incisor intrusion to correct the deep overbite was also observed.
In addition, functional evaluation by a 6-degrees-of-freedom jaw movement recording system was performed. Significant improvement in the jaw movement was observed during maximum opening and lateral excursion during the retention phase. The authors suggest that miniscrews are effective in correcting midline deviation due to maxillary occlusal cant and intrusion and retraction of incisors, and may result in favorable functional movement of the jaw.

Keywords: occusal cant, maxillary protrusion, midline discrepancy, spaced arch, miniscrew
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