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Orthodontics 14 (2013), No. 1     15. June 2013
Orthodontics 14 (2013), No. 1  (15.06.2013)

Online Article, Page 140-149

Online Article: Distalization of maxillary molars using a lever arm and mini-implant
Gurgel, Júlio de Araújo / Pinzan-Vercelino, Célia Regina Maio / Bramante, Fausto Silva / Rivera, Alan Poy
This article describes the orthodontic treatment of a young woman with a Class II malocclusion and maxillomandibular prognathism. One orthodontic mini- implant was placed in the posterior area of the palate to provide anchorage for
a transpalatal arch. The force for molar distalization was applied using an elastic chain from the lever arm inserted on the transpalatal arch to the mini-implant. Two sliding jigs were applied buccally as a complement for Class II malocclusion correction. This system created an efficient mechanotherapy for maxillary molar distalization. The active treatment period was 19 months. Normal overjet and reduction of maxillomandibular prognathism were obtained, and labial balance was improved.

Keywords: orthodontic mini-implant, Class II malocclusion correction, molar distalization appliance
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